Animal expert Brian McMillan with a few of his animals ...

 Animal Expert • Forensic Animal Behaviorist

 Specializing with exotic and wild animals

 (323) 665-9600

Animal expert
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Forensic animal behaviorist

Black panther and Brian
Satchmo (Black Panther)

Bambam grizzly bear
Bambam (Grizzly Bear)

Gerra white tiger
Gerra (White Tiger)

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Animal expert witness
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On location

lectures        animal lecturer
Brian lecturing at his animal compound in Los Angeles California

Flynn spotted leopards
Flynn (Spotted Leopard)

Brian and lions
Kenya (African Lion)

Brian working his animal on film sets ...

working lions
On set

Brian working his animals in live entertainment ...

Marine World Africa USA

safe enclosures  Animal facility   bear enrichment
His facilities in California are design with safety for the public and animals. All his animals have plenty of space and many sources of enrichment

Brian has built countless facilities around the world for his animals and with his excellent safety record has consulted on the construction and design for others.

Brian teaching and lecturing on animal behavior and husbandry

Brian has designed and built IATA approved & sanctioned transportation crates for shipping animals worldwide

transportate crates
The IATA (International Air Transportation Association) Live Animals Regulations are the worldwide standards for transporting live animals by commercial airlines