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Brian apprenticingBrian McMillan started his career by apprenticing to numerous circus animal trainers in Europe. He traveled throughout Africa and India, studying the animals in the wild, working with behaviorists, researchers and park rangers.

He worked for Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus as an animal trainer under the renowned animal trainer Guther Gable Williams. A few years later was recruited by Africa USA and began working in the film industry as an exotic animal trainer. He worked for Resorts International and was the youngest director of Animal shows at Marine World Africa USA where he performed and trained all the animals for the shows, and supervised their care. He continued his career as an animal trainer, coordinator for live Live entertainmententertainment and for the film industry worldwide from North American, India, Australia to Africa. He transported hundred of exotics animals by air and sea as well as setting up facilities while on location.

In 1984, he started his own animal company currently, his company Hollywood Animals, is one of the top animal companies in the country, where he is considered one of the foremost trainer in the industry. He has owned raised and cared for a large variety of exotic animals such as animals on setlions, tigers, elephants, bears, zebras, camels, leopards, panthers, primates and much more.

His expertise with animals combined with his knowledge of the camera gave him the opportunities to 2nd unit direct. Brian is at forefront of establishing safety protocol and standards of care for animals utilized in the film industry, live entertainment and educational program and remain dedicated to such principles.

With a desire to maintain proper animal husbandry and training, he started a husbandry and training school and to share his knowledge and help guarantee the safe and humane care of animals for future generations

Licenses / Permits / Registration / Affiliations

United States Dept. of Agriculture APHIS Exhibitors Permit

United States Fish & Wildlife Import/Export Permit

Convention of international Trade in Endangered Species

Dept. of Fish & Game - Resident Exhibiting Permit

Dept of Animal Services Out of City Supplier Permit

Traveling Animal Exhibition Certificate

CDC Division of Global Migration & Quarantine Registration

Federal Fish & Wildlife Import Export Permit

LA Dept. of Animal Services Wild Animal Permit

Animal Care & Control Wild Animal Menagerie

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Exhibit Class 1

Dept. of Fish & Game Restricted Species Permit

Federal Fish & Wildlife Permit

Animal Care & Control Dog Kennel

Animal Care & Control Grade "A"

International Animal Welfare Alliance

Elephant Managers Association

American Zoo & Aquarium Association

American Association of Zoo Keepers


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